About Paks II. for the university students of Miskolc

3/9/17 7:00 AM
Dr. Attila Aszódi held a lecture for about 120 university students in Miskolc on 8 March 2017 about the actualities and importance of the Paks II. investment.

The event was opened by the chancellor, Prof. Dr. András Torma. Dr. Attila Aszódi demonstrated the main milestones of the preparations of the new nuclear power plant units, the future of our electricity system and the anticipated labour-needs of the project to the students, lecturers and scientists. After the presentation the government commissioner answered every question in great detail.

Following the Széchenyi István University of Győr and the University of Miskolc Dr. Attila Aszódi will report personally to other university students about the Paks II. project.