A summary of the public hearing was published

5/7/21 12:38 PM
The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority has published the summary of the public hearing related to the implementation licensing of the planned units.

The application for the implementation license for the new units was submitted on 30 June 2020 by Paks II. Ltd. to the competent Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority. In compliance with its legal obligation, the HAEA announced a public hearing on 4 March 2021 for the public and the clients of the administrative authority procedure in order to find out their opinions and comments. The public hearing was held in electronic form by the authority in view of the pandemic.

In the official procedure called „Consideration of the application for the implementation license of the nuclear power plant units 5 and 6 to be established at the Paks site”, the comment and questioning period lasted from 4 March 2021 to midnight on 18 March. The number of opinions and questions received in connection with the implementation of the new units exceeded one hundred.

The questions, remarks, opinions and the answers and reactions to them were published on the website of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority in the usual way, by means of a notice and a note. The document can also be read on the website of Paks II. Ltd.