A new electricity consumption record was measured in Hungary

12/8/21 10:59 AM
The record of Tuesday at 7210 MW is almost a 100 MW higher amount than the previous one.

The quarterly average amount of the gross system load reached 7210 MW on 7 December 2021 around 16.45. Based on the preliminary operation data of MAVIR, the Hungarian electricity consumption record was broken again. 

The previous 7119 MW record was measured on 11 February this year, the new record exceeds this amount with 91 MW, more than 1%. 

The electricity consumption proves the rise of the quality of life here, just like anywhere else, it grows parallel with wealth and technical progress.

In Hungary, the per capita electricity consumption is still significantly lower than in Western Europe, only half of the Austrian value for example. With the spread of AC equipment, electric cars and modern, energy-efficient heat pump heating, countless new consumers have appeared in the electricity system. The forecasts show absolute peaks of 8000 MW by 2030 and project further exponential growth in the longer term, said Zoltán Tihanyi previously in June, then Deputy CEO of system operation and market management of MAVIR Ltd.