The latest issue of the AtomSphere has been published
The third, March issue of the company magazine of Paks II. Ltd. can also be read in electronic form.
Paks II. Ltd. on virtual job fairs
Jobseekers can meet Paks II. Ltd. at two virtual job fairs in March.
With clean energy on the roads of Paks
Only electric buses provide public transport in Paks. This is one of the largest climate-friendly bus fleets of Hungary.
Construction of the concrete mixing plant in the construction and erection base begins
Construction of the two-story, 1,200-square-meter concrete testing laboratory started first.
The interest is still strong in Paks II. Academy
Nearly a hundred have obtained the qualification of a nuclear power plant operation engineer and specialist so far in within the framework of the Paks II. Academy.
Public hearing regarding the implementation licensing of Paks II.
The HAEA holds an electronic public hearing regarding the implementation licensing of Paks II., the comment period is from 4 to 18 March.
The Power Plant Investment Centre is structurally complete
The last container was also put in place on 13 February, as the next step is to carry out the internal works as well as the external utility implementation, landscaping and road-parking construction works.
Another electricity consumption record in Hungary
Due to the extreme cold, the domestic electricity consumption record was broken. Meanwhile, electricity has been the cheapest in Hungary for almost a year and a half.
Nuclear energy is an important tool in the fight against climate change
There are up to ten times the difference in CO2 emissions from producing one kilowatt hour of electricity among European countries.
The pandemic had little effect on electricity consumption
The decline in electricity consumption caused by the coronavirus was only around 1% in 2020, and the Q4 has already shown an increase compared to the previous year.
You can still apply for the Paks II. Academy
At the University of Pannonia, the University of Pécs and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the nuclear specialist training starts this semester within the Paks II. Academy. - Training up to the specified frame number is financed by Paks II. Ltd. - informed us communications director István Mittler.
János Süli: we will get the most out of this year!
According to János Süli, the minister responsible for the Paks II. project, 2021 promises to be a challenging, busy year.
Electricity import exceeded 40% in December
The share of electricity import in Hungarian electricity consumption exceeded 40% on the day of December's highest consumption.
New construction licenses in the Paks II. project
The construction of more and more buildings can start in the Paks II. project. This time, the anti-corrosion work complex received the construction license.
The growth rate of electricity consumption set a new record
The role of nuclear energy rose to 90% among carbon-free power generators in November.
The employees of Paks II. gifted presents to children living in orphanages
The employees of Paks II. joined the Christmas donation campaign initiated by the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Human Capacities this year.
The December issue of Atomsphere has been published
The magazine of Paks II. Ltd., launched in the summer, presents not only the project for the construction of the two new NPP units, but also the professionals working in it.
The construction and erection base buildings serving the investment are being built in Paks II. Project
The foundation works of the Power Plant Investment Center are in progress. The container office building will accommodate the employees of Paks II. Ltd.
Paks II. Ltd. at a virtual job fair
Jobseekers were able to visit the virtual booth of Paks II. in a unusual way, online, at the JOB4me job fair.
The Paks II. project received the electricity implementation license
The HEA license increases the number of major licenses, such as the environmental license and the site license.