János Süli thanked the healthcare workers
An unusual, thank-you reception was held on the occasion of Semmelweis Day in Szekszárd, at the headquarters of Ferropatent.
Electricity consumption in Hungary continues to grow
MAVIR forecasts 8000 MW of peak electricity consumption by 2030.
László Palkovics: Nuclear energy is essential for Hungary
In Hungary it is impossible to achieve climate protection goals without nuclear energy, said László Palkovics in Paks.
Community work in the nursing home in Kalocsa
The employees of the companies working on the Paks II. project worked together to beautify the park of the Kalocsa Social Center Bem Street nursing home.
Ministerial report on the Paks II. the project
The implementation of the Paks II. project is progressing according to plan, said minister János Süli before the Tolna County Assembly.
Due to the scorching heat, the summer electricity consumption record was broken once again
The heatwave brought a new peak in electricity consumption in the summer. The summer peak is barely below the winter record.
Another VVER-1200 type unit started its commercial operation
Unit 1 of the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant started its commercial operation on 10 June, this is the fifth VVER-1200 unit in commercial operation.
The foundation stone of the Kalocsa-Paks Danube Bridge was laid
The Paks and the M6 motorway will be accessible to people living in Bács-Kiskun county via the Kalocsa bridge.
The Parliament approved the amendment to the loan agreement
Following the successful negotiations of the Hungarian government, the financing agreement of the Paks II. project is amended positively.
The June issue of the AtomSphere has been published
In the columns of the page you can check the progress of the project and get to know the professionals working in it.
The selection of instructors for the Paks II. project has started
Within the framework of the work related to the selection and training of the operating staff, the selection of the instructors performing the professional training started.
A summary of the public hearing was published
The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority has published the summary of the public hearing related to the implementation licensing of the planned units.
Generations together in the Paks II. project
It is a lucky pairing when decades of professional experience and local knowledge meet. Gábor Tari and Péter Pach work with this professional approach.
The financing of the Paks project is changing favorably for Hungary
The loan can still be prepaid in advance at any time, and the availability fee will be more flexible than before.
E-mobility for environmental protection then and now
Electric cars have become increasingly popular in recent years, but this is not a new trend, the first such vehicles appeared in the late 19th century.
Paks II. on new social media
The company, which coordinates the implementation of the two new Paks NPP units, launched an Instagram and Twitter account on 22 April, the Earth Day.
Joint Research Centre: nuclear energy is a safe and sustainable energy source
The European Commission's scientific service has deemed nuclear energy a safe and clean energy source.
The installation works of the Unit 2 reactor in Astravets have been completed
Another milestone was reached in the implementation of the Belarus Nuclear Power Plant: the installation of the Unit 2 reactor was completed.
Another reference unit for Paks II. started its commercial operation
On 22 March, Unit 2 of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant II was put into commercial operation.
Construction of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant on contemporary newsreels
The online archives of the National Film Institute show the moments of the construction of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.