The growing trend of electricity consumption also confirms the necessity of Paks II.
The country's electricity demand is constantly growing, which is why the construction of the two new Paks NPP units is of utmost interest.
The information truck ended its year in Bács-Kiskun county
The information truck of Paks II. Ltd. visited those living in the vicinity of the NPP investment in the last weeks of the year.
Domestic electricity consumption: the recent record was broken again
The peak system load measured on 8 December was 7254 MW, experts expect another record.
The flora and fauna is protected
Biodiversity grew on the refuge offering protection to several animal and plant species.
A new electricity consumption record was measured in Hungary
The record of Tuesday at 7210 MW is almost a 100 MW higher amount than the previous one.
János Süli: electricity will remain affordable thanks to Paks
The return on the Paks II. investment and the price stability of nuclear power plants were also discussed at a hearing of the Economic Committee.
The sixth issue of the AtomSphere has been published
The December issue of Paks II. Ltd.'s corporate magazine is available online and in print form.
Paks II. Ltd. is going to gift two hundred packages to orphanages
As in previous years, the company responsible for constructing the two new NPP units has joined several charities this year as well.
János Süli: the Visegrad countries stand in a joint statement in favor of nuclear energy to achieve climate protection goals
The V4 welcomes the resolution of the EC's Scientific Service that nuclear energy is a safe technology in full compliance with EU environmental standards.
Many EU Member States see the future in nuclear energy
More and more European countries recognize that they need nuclear energy for a climate-friendly, affordable and undisturbed electricity generation.
János Süli: the licensing of construction of the reactor vessels begins
Another important license application was submitted by Paks II. Ltd. – was said at the session of the Parliament’s Sustainable development committee.
Rafael Grossi: we need more nuclear energy for emission-free energy production
More than a quarter of the world’s clean energy production is based on nuclear energy – emphasized the Director General of the International Nuclear Energy Agency.
President of the European Commission: the EU needs nuclear energy
According to the President of the European Commission the nuclear energy is a reliable energy source.
Hungary has the cheapest electricity in the EU
The ever-growing utility fees put more and more burden on the population in the European Union. The residential electricity is the cheapest in Hungary among the EU Member States.
A record number of people interested at the BME job fair
A hoard of mechanical, chemical and electrical engineers visited the stand of Paks II. Ltd. at the job fair of BME.
Community work – this time the fences of a kindergarten were painted by the employees of Paks II. Ltd.
Following the voluntary work in Kalocsa during summer, this time Dunaszentgyörgy was the home for social work for Rosatom, JSC ASE, Paks II. Ltd. and MVM Paks NPP Ltd.
Paks II. Ltd. is the active participant of job fairs
The stand of Paks II. generated a great interest at the job fair of the Óbuda University. The company will appear at several similar events in the coming weeks.
Paks II. Ltd. received the physical protection permission
The nuclear authority issued the physical protection permission for Paks II. Ltd. - the physical protection plan meets the requirements in all respects.
The employees of Paks II. can move to a new office building
The Power Plant Investment Centre built in the immediate vicinity of future units has been completed and received its move-in license.
The values of the county in Sárszentlőrinc
Minister János Süli spoke about the results and plans of the regional development associated with the Paks II. project in Sárszentlőrinc.