Work is in progress in the Construction Base
Construction work is ongoing in the Construction Base where two office buildings and a 100-person kitchen-dining facility are being built.
Domestic electricity is clean and cheap
Compared to European countries, Hungary is in second place in the electricity price competition. The price of electricity is more favorable only in Serbia.
The 2nd unit of the reference power plant of Paks II. is ready to start
A series of inspections called hot functional test was completed on Unit 2 of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant II.
The construction of the Power Plant Investment Centre (PPIC) soon starts
The public procurement for the construction of the Power Plant Investment Centre has been successful, and the new office building will be completed in the summer of 2021.
More than half of the electricity produced in the European Union is carbon neutral
The European Union is increasingly performing in terms of climate-friendly electricity generation. Last year, CO2-free production approached 60%.
The Hungarian power plant park is performing well even in the pandemic situation
In April, thanks to nuclear and solar power plant capacities, 70% of domestic production was carbon-neutral.
Work is continuous at Paks II. project
The implementation of the office buildings is progressing well at the construction site of the new units of Paks Nuclear Power Plant to be implemented.
Another approval from Brussels
The European Commission has approved the planned amendment of the government decree regulating the site preparation works related to the Paks II. project.
Domestic power plants that provide clean electricity are performing well
The share of carbon-free production in domestic electricity production exceeded 80 percent several times in April.
The new Facebook column of Paks II. Ltd. calls for a virtual tour
Paks II. Ltd.'s recently launched Facebook column, the Our Region - Our Value series, introduces forty-seven settlements.
The new IT system of Paks II. Ltd. aced the test
The Paks II. Ltd. now has its own unified, modern IT toolset. The system was well-tested and also works well home office.
The role of nuclear energy has become more important
For our supply security, we have to produce more electricity here in Hungary – said minister János Süli.
The interest is strong in Paks II. Academy
Maximum utilization of the limit: more than a hundred students take part in Paks II. Academy initiated by Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. in six Hungarian universities.
Preventive measures for Paks II. Ltd.
Paks II. Ltd. has introduced extraordinary measures due to the appearance of the corona virus in Hungary. Continuous work is ensured at the project company.
Paks II. Ltd. awaited the youth at university job fairs
The visitors of the spring job fairs could receive information about the opportunities of the project company coordinating the construction of the two new NPP units at the unique stand of the Paks II. Ltd.
The importance of the nuclear energy in the EU can now be seen online
The new online tool of shares information about the carbon neutral electricity generation in the European Union, refreshed by daily data.
The gross domestic electricity consumption grew by 0,5% last year
The gross domestic electricity consumption reached 45,66 TWh in 2019, which means a 0,53% growth compared to 2018.
First hand information
Paks II. Ltd. informs the locals of the region about the actualities of the investment in its new campaign.
The leaders of the affected area received a thorough information about the Paks II. project
János Süli held a presentation about the Paks II. project for the 47 mayors of the settlements of the Paks Social Council formed in connection with the constuction of the new nuclear power plant units.
Nuclear power plants generated a third of the clean energy in 2019
10% of global electricity was generated by nuclear power plants last year, however this is a third of the clean energy. In 2019 three reactors’ construction was started and five new units were connected to grid – was reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency.