French-Hungarian exchange of views on nuclear energy
The French Institute in Budapest organized a conference on nuclear safety, nuclear waste disposal and public acceptance of nuclear energy.
Gergely Jákli: This is a nuclear power plant with international cooperation
Why is the international cooperation important? How can we move forward in an ever-changing geopolitical situtation? Among many others, Chairman-CEO Gergely Jákli talks about these topics in the newest issue of Paks II. Ltd’s AtomSphere.
Ministers from countries supporting nuclear energy met in Brussels
Before the Energy Council meeting in Brussels, ministers from the 12 countries of the „nuclear alliance” met to agree on the best possible EU regulations for the operation and construction of nuclear power plants in Europe.
Szijjártó: we will further increase the French involvement in the Paks NPP expansion project
Hungary is negotiating on further increasing the role of Framatome in the Paks expansion, Péter Szijjártó said in Flamanville, France.
The role of nuclear energy has been strengthened
The Paks II. project was the topic of the round table discussion of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium in Szekszárd on Monday.
Another thirty-two students graduate from the Paks II Academy
A total of thirty-two students have successfully passed their final exams in the last few weeks in the Paks II Academy.
Nuclear energy was a dominant factor in Hungary in 2022 as well
Last year, the vast majority of carbon-neutral electricity was generated at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. Over the past 10 years, domestic electricity consumption has grown by an average of 1,28% per year.
The IEA expects nuclear energy to take off
Nuclear and renewables could displace most fossil fuel use by 2050 – reports IEA.
The Court of Justice of the European Union rejects Austria's case concerning the Paks project
Four years of proceedings have come to an end with a decision in Hungary's favour, ruling that the project complies with EU standards.
Szijjártó: nothing can hinder the construction of Paks II.
The construction of the two new NPP units is critical for Hungary's supply security – Szijjártó said at the Atomexpo in Sochi.
Paks II. hosted an international seminar
The European Utility Requirements (EUR) organized its professional training course with the assistance of Paks II. Ltd. in Budapest.
There is no way out of the energy crisis without nuclear power plants
We need nuclear energy to meet the European climate protection goals – said Yves Desbazeille, the director general of nucleareurope in Paks.
The manufacturing of the reactor pressure vessels has started
The production of the reactor pressure vessels of the new Paks NPP units has started in Russia with the necessary licenses.
Construction licenses were granted for the Unit 5 reactor building and the six buildings of the nuclear island
With the issued licenses, licensing conditions for entering the second, implementation phase of the Paks II. project have been met.
Soil excavation of up to -5 meters has begun
Groundworks in the area of Unit 5 started on 26 August 2022.
The authority issued the implementation license for the new NPP units
The implementation license is the precondition for the project to enter the construction phase.
József Eck received the Hungarian Gold Cross of Merit
The Program Director of Paks II. Ltd. received the state award on 22 August.
The European Parliament recognized nuclear energy as a sustainable energy source
The EU Act recognizing nuclear as a sustainable energy source could enter into force on 1 January 2023.
Péter Szijjártó: the investment enters a new phase
The Paks investment may enter the second, implementation phase in September, at which time Gergely Jákli will take over the management of Paks II. Ltd.
Paks II. Ltd. received the manufacturing license for the core catchers
These long lead items will be installed at an early stage of the implementation.