The new IT system of Paks II. Ltd. aced the test
The Paks II. Ltd. now has its own unified, modern IT toolset. The system was well-tested and also works well home office.
The role of nuclear energy has become more important
For our supply security, we have to produce more electricity here in Hungary – said minister János Süli.
The interest is strong in Paks II. Academy
Maximum utilization of the limit: more than a hundred students take part in Paks II. Academy initiated by Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. in six Hungarian universities.
Preventive measures for Paks II. Ltd.
Paks II. Ltd. has introduced extraordinary measures due to the appearance of the corona virus in Hungary. Continuous work is ensured at the project company.
Paks II. Ltd. awaited the youth at university job fairs
The visitors of the spring job fairs could receive information about the opportunities of the project company coordinating the construction of the two new NPP units at the unique stand of the Paks II. Ltd.
The importance of the nuclear energy in the EU can now be seen online
The new online tool of shares information about the carbon neutral electricity generation in the European Union, refreshed by daily data.
The gross domestic electricity consumption grew by 0,5% last year
The gross domestic electricity consumption reached 45,66 TWh in 2019, which means a 0,53% growth compared to 2018.
First hand information
Paks II. Ltd. informs the locals of the region about the actualities of the investment in its new campaign.
The leaders of the affected area received a thorough information about the Paks II. project
János Süli held a presentation about the Paks II. project for the 47 mayors of the settlements of the Paks Social Council formed in connection with the constuction of the new nuclear power plant units.
Nuclear power plants generated a third of the clean energy in 2019
10% of global electricity was generated by nuclear power plants last year, however this is a third of the clean energy. In 2019 three reactors’ construction was started and five new units were connected to grid – was reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Paks II. Ltd. organized a Christmas charity campaign
Paks II. Ltd. organized a clothing collection among its employees for the Tamási Caritas Association. The company has regular charity campaigns and a large number of employees also donate blood.
MAVIR: Hungarian electricity consumption record broken on Wednesday
The winter system load reached another historic record in Hungary on 4 December 2019, Wednesday. The peak amount of 7099 MW surpassed the previous certified quarter-hourly record by 173 MW.
János Süli: the European Union stands up for nuclear energy
Every data, every statistic proves that we cannot choose any other way, we need the new nuclear power plant units – told János Süli in Szekszárd at the presentation of the joint economic publication of Tolnai Népújság and National Tax and Customs Administration. The minister without portfolio responsible for the planning, construction and commissioning of the two new nuclear power plant units of Paks reminded everyone the European Union also stood up for nuclear energy.
According to the newly appointed Director General of the IAEA, nuclear energy is not a problem, it is the solution
Rafael Grossi, the new Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency has been inaugurated on Monday in Vienna.
The planned legislature-amendment is in compliance with the European practice
The governmental legislature, regulating the area preparation of the two new Paks NPP units, could be modified in accordance with the European practice and nuclear safety requirements – stated Minister János Süli.
MET Conference: Maintaining nuclear capacities is of key importance
At this year’s symposium of the Hungarian Energy Society (MET), where the main goal was to maintain contact and exchange experiences with Hungarian energy professionals abroad, Miklós Horváth deputy CEO, licensing and quality supervision director held a lecture about the Paks II. project.
János Süli: world class NPP units will be constructed in Paks
The aim of the Paks II. project is to provide electricity via the two new NPP units safely, independent from the weather conditions, at the lowest possible cost until the end of the operation life-time, i.e. for sixty years at the designed performance level, with 92% power utilization at least – reported the minister without portfolio responsible for the Paks II. investment at the hearing before the Parliament’s Economic Committee.
János Áder’s lecture in Paks
In order to achieve the climate protection goals, we need nuclear power plants – declared president János Áder on Tuesday in Paks during his interactive lecture organized for local primary and secondary school students.
Carbon-free energy was discussed at the University of Dunaújváros
The two new NPP units designed for Paks will produce electricity CO2-free, in a great amount until the end of this century, helping Hungary achieve its climate protection goals – declared State Secretary Pál Kovács at the press conference held before the Science Week Introductory Professional Day, organized by the University of Dunaújváros.
János Süli: nuclear energy has a decisive role in climate protection
The Paks II. project attended AtomEco international forum and exhibition, organized by Rosatom in Pécs. A press conference was held at the new stand of Paks II. Ltd. by minister János Süli, who told that nuclear energy and Paks II. project has an important role in climate protection.