Public hearing in Kiev
A public hearing was held as part of the international phase of the environmental approval in Kiev on 7 October 2015, which was followed next day by an expert consultation.
The international phase continued with two public hearings in Romania
There were two public hearings in Oradea and in Timisoara as part of the environmental approval of the Paks II. project.
Designing of the nuclear power plant units will be done according to strict regulations
Designing of the new Paks nuclear power plant units will be done according to strict EU, Hungarian and international regulations, that’s why the units will be constructed with several independent security systems – highlighted dr. Attila Aszódi government commissioner in his interview published in the Austrian newspaper Die Presse on Tuesday.
A public hearing was held in Vienna
The international phase of the environmental approval continued in Vienna, where the public hearing was held on 23 September 2015.
The first public hearing abroad was held in Croatia
The first public hearing took place abroad in Osijek in Croatia on 21 September 2015 as part of the international phase of the environmental approval.
Important milestones in the Paks II. project
The European Commission’s commissioner for climate action and energy informed the Hungarian government that the Paks II. investment is consistent with the goals of the Euratom Treaty, the project fulfills the objectives of the climate policy and supply security of Hungary and the European Union, and it also meets the technical and nuclear security requirements.
The design work has begun
The design work of the maintenance of the performance started with the reconcilation and clarification of the parameters – told us Gennadi Jersov, deputy chief engineer of the design company, St. Petersburg Atomproject on a press conference today in Budapest.
Paks II’s interactive information truck is on its way again
MVM Paks II. Ltd.’s interactive information truck started its autumn-winter roundtrip on 7 September 2015 on the 41 settlements of the Paks Social Council. Dr. Attila Aszódi, government commissioner for the maintenance of the performance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant held a press conference in Kalocsa on 8 September about the experiences from the summer festivals and the autumn-winter schedule.
The information truck's summer roundtrip is nearing its end
After the Youth Days of Szeged, the Energy Inside Us! interactive information truck arrived to VIDOR festival, where it is awaiting the interested between 31 August and 5 September.
The Paks Social Council held its second session
The mayors of the 41 settlements in the near vicinity of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant and the region’s parlamentarians met the representatives of the government and MVM Paks II. Ltd. as part of the regular consultations.
The new Danube bridge was coordinated
A coordination of the study plan for the new Danube bridge planned between Paks and Kalocsa was held on 25 August in Kalocsa, in the city hall’s ceremonial hall, organized by the Transport Development Coordination Center.
Authorities’ cooperation to check the site licensing
Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority briefed that on 10 August 2015 the Geological Research Program’s implementation was checked by the experts of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority and the Baranya County Government Office, Technical Admisson and Consumer Protection Department, Mining Division (BMK BO) on an official visit.
Our information truck is attending the Debrecen Flower Carnival
After a short break our interactive information truck continues its festival roundtrip. Between 18 and 20 August we’ll be at the Debrecen Flower Carnival.
Paks II’s interactive information truck met thousands of festivalgoers
MVM Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Development Ltd’s „Energy Inside Us” interactive information truck reached an outstanding result in visitor numbers during the first half of this year’s festival season. A couple hundred visitors per day, and a few thousand visitors in all visited the renewed exhibition during our traditional festival season.
After Balaton Sound comes EFOTT
The interactive information truck continues its roundtrip after Balaton Sound at EFOTT from 14 July.
„Energy Inside Us!” at VOLT festival as well
The information truck is going to visit the big summer festivals in 2015 as well. The interactive exhibition can be visited at VOLT festival between 1 and 4 July.
The documents of the public hearing (held on 7 May 2015) became public
The Baranya County Government Office held a public hearing as part of the environmental licensing process on 7 May 2015 in Paks, and its record was published by the competent authority.
Our interactive information truck will have its festival round-trip in 2015 as well
The „Energy Inside Us” interactive information truck is awaiting the festival-goers with renewed content and programs.
News from the Atomexpo
A lot of important information was revealed at the Atomexpo in Moscow regarding the establishment of the new nuclear power plant units of Paks.
MVM Paks II. Ltd. has a new CEO
The selection of the project company’s CEO has ended, told us the minister of the Prime Minister's Office, János Lázár on his news conference on May 14 2015.