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János Áder’s lecture in Paks13-11-2019
Carbon-free energy was discussed at the University of Dunaújváros12-11-2019
János Süli: nuclear energy has a decisive role in climate protection 07-11-2019
János Süli: the new NPP units of Paks built in international cooperation will be at the highest level of development06-11-2019
The third 3+ generation NPP unit started its operation in Russia04-11-2019
Nuclear power plant operation engineer training is already underway at four universities29-10-2019
The interactive exhibition is celebrating its 10-year anniversary28-10-2019
A Franco-German consortium is going to supply the automated process control systems24-10-2019
An opportunity for the region to flourish19-10-2019
Almost half of clean energy is from nuclear power plants in Hungary17-10-2019
MAVIR continues to predict an increase in peak load10-10-2019
Nuclear power plants provide one third of carbon-free electricity10-10-2019
The IAEA General Assembly has begun in Vienna16-09-2019
The mobile exhibition was popular this summer as well02-09-2019
Paks II at the City Day of Szekszárd27-08-2019
The trainee program of Paks II is successful27-08-2019
Rosatom opened one of the most valuable public procurements of the Paks II investment12-07-2019
A new record for the summer electricity consumption28-06-2019
The Paks II. truck starts its festival roundtrip again21-06-2019
The construction of the first facilities of the construction and erection base of Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant has started20-06-2019
Innovative 3+ gen. NPP units are built worldwide05-06-2019
Debrecen and Miskolc joined Paks II. Academy as well29-05-2019
Dunaújváros and Veszprém joined Paks II. Academy22-05-2019
The interactive truck was popular in Paks as well20-05-2019
Paks II. Academy is starting13-05-2019
The development in Paks is the national interest of Hungary13-05-2019
Cooperation agreement with Szekszárd09-05-2019
The employees of Paks II. Ltd. collected money for the needy18-04-2019
A sharp increase in electricity import in February03-04-2019
The Paks II. truck starts its yearly information round trip22-03-2019
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