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The main goal of Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Private Limited Company (Paks II. Ltd.) is the prepatory work of the construction of the new nuclear power plant units of Paks, the acquisition of the necessary licenses, the realization of the investment, then the operation of the units.

The Paks II. project contributes to the growth of national economy and the continuation of the safe, climate friendly and affordable supply of electricity of Hungary.

The share of import in Hungary is one third of the total electricity consumption, however there is a steady increase in electricity demand and this can be projected for the future as well.

One third of the consumed electricity and a half of the domestically produced electricity is provided by the currently operating nuclear power plant. Its operating time will expire between 2032-2037. The two new Paks units are meant to replace the current power plant. With the new units, the security of electricity supply in Hungary will increase, as the source of electricity will be provided from within the border.

Nuclear energy is an important part in the fight against climate change. The operation of a nuclear power plant does not involve carbon-dioxide emissions, while producing the same amount of electricity in a coal fired power plant, it would burden the atmosphere with 17 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. If Paks II. was not built, then following the shutdown of the current four units of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, we would have to switch to using fossil fuels, which would increase Hungary's carbon emissions by about 36 percent.

The construction of the new nuclear power plant units is the major industrial investment of the century in Hungary, in many manufacturing and service companies, as well as in education, it can create jobs in a great number. During the construction period, it will provide work for about eight thousand people at peak hours. An additional 10-15 thousand jobs can be created through related tasks across the country.