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The establishment of the new nuclear power plant units may be the largest industrial project in Hungary in the next 20 years or even the century. Our goal is to ensure that the proportion of Hungarian companies involved is 40% during the project. Accordingly, there is a major economy-stimulating potential and a significant growth opportunity for Hungarian companies in the establishment of the new nuclear power plant units. The project represents enormous job opportunities for the engineering and design, electrical and instrumentation and control, architectural and mechanical fields, but, of course, the project may also be especially important for other associated economic organisations.
The construction of the new units is a special task, requiring huge quantities of raw materials, as well as excellent expertise and logistics. As foreseen, the project may provide job opportunities for several thousand people, both engineers and skilled workers, through the delivery, manufacture and installation of an expected several tens of thousands of tonnes of equipment and the use of several hundreds of thousands of tonnes of building materials. After the establishment of the new units, operation may also create new jobs for several decades, since their design life is 60 years.
Naturally, the continuous training of new employees must also be ensured; therefore, the project could also have a positive effect on the education sector. Vocational training and specialised higher education plans devised in cooperation with world-renowned Hungarian nuclear specialists and professors guarantee that there will be a sufficient number of experienced engineers available for the establishment of the new units, as well as for operation after commissioning.
Through the project to be implemented, we can guarantee a sufficient electrical capacity in Hungary at an affordable price, which will allow further industrialisation. Naturally, all this is also in the interest of the Hungarian national economy.